With the new trend being tiny houses and smaller spaces, it’s always a bonus to know the inside scoop on ways to make your smaller spaces feel larger. Making a small space feel larger can also help with appeal to new buyers when selling your home and can also help increase the money going into your pocket at closing.


1. Flexible Storage Ideas

Tight spaces don’t typically have a surplus of storage but getting creative with flexible storage ideas can help with the lack of space. This allows clutter to be kept out of site on a day to day basis and can allow a designated space for certain items.


2. Multi-functional Furniture

If you are limited on space, having furniture that serves as multi-functions can make a space feel much larger. Using an ottoman to store blankets or using bins under your bed instead of a bureau frees up the need for additional large spaces in a small ares. 


3. Use Light Colors on the Walls and the Floors

Lighter tones of color help reflect light, instead of absorb it, allowing an overall feeling of more space. Rooms with busier patterns on the walls and floors tend to feel more cramped. 


4. Use a Clear Shower Curtain in a Small Bathroom

This adds space into a space bathroom without closing it off to a shower curtain. The space will feel less cramped and more open with no visual break between the walls and the shower or bath area.


5. Decorate with Different Shades of the Same Color

When using decorations and furniture in the same color as the wall, it blends to the eye and takes up less visual space, making the room or area feel larger.


6. Place Mirrors Strategically to Create the Illusion of More Space and Bounce Light

Placing mirrors strategically across from a window or doorways or openings can reflect additional light and give the illusion of extra windows and space. Bouncing openings off mirrors can create the illusion of a room double in size if done properly. 


7. Less Furniture Will Help Make the Room Feel Larger

Less clutter in a small space will free up the eyes to not bounce around to one piece to the next. Less items in general in small spaces helps any space feel larger. 


8. Use Large Scale Art to Decorate

With open spaces and a large piece of art the draw the eye in, the space will feel larger and more comfortable. An array of small pieces could make the space feel cluttered and small.


9. Hang Curtain Rods Close to Ceilings to Fake Higher Ceilings.

High curtains will draw the eyes up and make the ceilings appear higher then they are. Higher ceilings makes any space appear larger and more open, even if it isn’t that way. 

10. Let In A Lot of Light

From using more transparent curtains on windows to using table lamps and wall sconces, an area well light will appear larger and less cluttered.