Cooler Weather Means Its Time To Sell


Temperatures are dropping, children are back at school and the hustle and bustle of fall sports is in full swing. Time to follow through with that lingering thought to sell your home before winter hits. The Fall is an excellent time to sell with many people slowing down life and able to start thinking about buying again after taking a busy summer off from looking. Here are the top four reasons you should list your home now!

1. Buyers Are More Serious This Time of Year: Many buyers become a lot more serious this time of year knowing that they don’t want to wait until colder weather. Knowing that closing a loan takes some time, buyers become a lot more serious and make offers quicker this time of year.


2. Less Improvements Needed to be Made by you to Sell: After a long winter or spring thaw, many items in and around your home may need to be completed and/or fixed prior to listing your home. This time of year has already allowed flowers to fill in, plants to repair themselves and allowed you the time needed to fix any additional items that may have needed to be repaired or replaced from the harsher temperatures.


3. The Demand for Good Homes on the Market has not Slowed Down: The pre-qualified buyer pool just waiting for the “right” home to hit the market is still very large. Inventory is still low and we are still currently in a sellers market in most places. Don’t wait for the market to change to sell your home. 


4. Sell Before Interest Rates Increase: Rates are fantastic currently but that will likely end at some point. Buyers are able to buy more for their money right now which makes them more eager to buy now vs waiting. A buyer who may love your house now may not be able to afford it in the future if you wait due to interest rates. 


Our professionals are ready and able to help determine the best price for your home in this great Fall market. Contact us today to advise you on how to make your next move at (207)333-6020!