“Not Your Standard Real Estate Company”

Androvise Realty is not your standard real estate company. I have bought and sold several houses both in the US and overseas and my experience with Androvise Realty was by far the best. My agent, Eric Pedersen, was a first time realtor. An acquaintance of mine recommended I not go with a first – time agent: how could he possibly do a good job with no experience? Fortunately, I knew Eric through the martial arts and recognized that the passion and integrity he brought to his Martial Arts Academy would make him excellent at whatever endeavor he chose. And I was right. He had my house under contract in four days for a good price, and the sale went smoothly from there. He also was my agent for the purchase of a two acre lot that went equally smoothly and for an even better price. If I buy or sell again, Eric will be my agent. He is dedicated to doing things right, well, and ethically. And he is backed by a superb team. John Conner took the photos of my house for the MLS listing. They were exceptional, very unlike many of the pictures I was seeing on the MLS at the time. The video was a real video – not just the still pictures set to music. He also provided aerial shots with a drone. I was seriously impressed. Chad Sylvester, the owner of Androvise Realty, focuses on serving his clients. You are not a number. He believes, I think, that if he is ethical, treats his clients fairly and with respect, he will succeed. I concur with that idea.